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What is Naboo

Naboo provides a risk score for every crypto wallet. Naboo gives a insight into blockchain transactions, Naboo’s technology enables tracking transactions across blockchains for suspicions activity usually associated with money laundering and criminal activity.

By leveraging open-source intelligence, feeds from cybersecurity firms and events from the blockchain, Naboo can determine if a wallet was involved in suspicious, illicit activities, before any transaction is made and compile a risk score for the client.

What is Naboo

How are we better?

  1. Naboo’s platform is blockchain agnostic, we can provide risk management for any blockchain in the ecosystem.
  2. Naboo’s platform can track transactions across different blockchains, providing visibility

    through exchanges, coin mixers and anonymous coins (such as Monero, Zcach, etc.)

  3. Naboo process all blockchains in real time flagging suspicious transactions and wallets,

    which enables us to return answers to queries within seconds.

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How are we better?

Comply to Financial Regulations

Whether you are a small crypto broker, an OTC business, a crypto-currency exchange platform or any other financially regulated organizations, the laws and regulations against money laundering apply to you. NABOO platform can help you with meet these compliance requirements and reduce the risks of fines and license suspension.

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